The photographic project "Afrodescendant beyond Africa" ​​speaks to us through its large format photographs, about the inescapable presence of Afro-descendant tribal people in Chile, uprooted from their original continent. The images give an account of the presence of their descendants from the sixteenth century that to this day inhabit the same geographical areas of their ancestors. Unlike the immigrants who currently live in Chile and who are becoming increasingly familiar to us, they are forcibly removed by eliminating all kinds of ties to their roots and family trunks, since today their descendants are present in this work, which sum having been exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Arts in Querétaro- Mexico, at the Palacio la Moneda Cultural Center in Santiago, Municipal Theater of the city of Arica, Center for Science, Culture and Art of the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil, Public Library of Coyahqiue, in the Colchagua Valley in the Lolol commune, in addition to the exhibition held in Seoul at the prestigious Korea Foundation gallery in South Korea. This history has been forged thanks to the tenacity of men and women descendants of slaves that from April 16, 2019 are recognized under law 21,151 as "Afro-descendant Tribal People".

fotografo chileno, chilean photographer, fotografo ariqueño